A32nx msfs 2020 не работает

Reported Known Issues

STOP — Read this First

Please try and remove all other mods/liveries from the community folder and test our add-on again. This will help rule out conflicts.

Most reported issues are caused by conflicts with other mods and liveries. If this does not resolve your issue please continue below.

Throttle Calibration is Required — Guide Here

FBW Installer — Download Here / Sim Version:

Read our Support Guide

Please visit the dedicated Autopilot / Fly-By-Wire page for more information:

Do this before reporting bugs.

No Support for Experimental — use at own risk

Last Update: October 16, 2021

Latest Issues

Installation Version Conflicts

Affected versions: Stable, Development

If you have the following issues you are most likely on an outdated stable or you have an installation conflict:

  • White EFB screen
  • PFD is missing bank angle protection indicators
  • External lights are not working
  • Invisible Aircraft

Go to your content manager and filter for «flybywire» as you see on the following image.

If you see old versions (e.g. v0.6.1) or if you have multiple installations of the A32NX please uninstall them in the Content Manager and restart the sim. Reinstall development version from our installer.

You may install Stable v0.7.0 for compatibility. We recommend staying on development.

Information on how to install with the FlyByWire Installer can be found here: Installation Guide.

Unicode Characters in Windows Username

Affected versions: Stable, Development

If your username on your windows machine (not Xbox gamertag) contains any unicode characters it may cause MSFS to freeze after selecting Ready to Fly .

Sample characters (not all inclusive): ë or õ

  • Change your windows username and remove any unicode characters present. Guide Here

Ailerons are Not Working When Using the Keyboard

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Note: This is reported on our Autopilot / Fly-By-Wire Page and duplicated here for visibility.

There is currently an issue with the associated events and there is currently no way to solve it. We highly recommend using a controller with an axis assigned to use the plane.

  • A possible workaround is by using a tool like FSUIPC. Assign the correct events to the keys you want to use. The events that work are (mind the ‘s’ behind aileron):

Fuel Consumption

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • May be larger than normal
  • Under Investigation

Fuel Prediction

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Prediction numbers in the F-PLN and FUEL PRED pages are inaccurate.
  • A fix is in the works.

Toolbar Pushback Addon

Affected versions: Stable, Development

May cause unwanted behavior and prevent use of nose wheel steering.

  • Solution:
    • Remove the addon from your community folder or wait for developer to update.
    • Use our EFB which has built in pushback controls or another addon.

Custom Autopilot Unwanted Disconnection

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Excessive speed decay during level off from open descent can lead to unwanted autothrust disconnection or even alpha floor in certain high drag/low speed situations. Currently under investigation.

Unwanted behavior — UTF8

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Affects our custom autopilot, FADEC, and electrical system

  • In rare cases the above mentioned systems may not start or behave erratically. This is in part due to UTF-8 language support beta not enabled on your machine.
  • Solution:
      • Open Windows Control Panel -> Region.
      • Go to the Administrative tab and click Change system locale
      • Make sure the check mark next to Beta: Use UTF-8 for worldwide language support is selected.
      • Click OK and restart your computer.
      • Ensure simconnect.cfg does not appear in your Documents folder on your computer.

ADIRS — Runway

Affected versions: Development

ADIRS may not be aligned when spawning anywhere except cold & dark at a gate (intermittent issue)

  • Workaround: Restart the flight

Outer Tank Fuel Transfer

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Sometimes the sim will «miss» the trigger point being reached for outer tank fuel transfer to initialize. This may happen if the sim is «busy» when working with something else OR initial FOB at the start of flight is below the trigger point.

Intermittent Issue / Under Investigation

  • Workaround: Add enough fuel to get past the trigger point of 239 gallons before departing.

EFB Issues in External View

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Can’t interact with EFB when popped-out ( Right Alt + Left Click ) and switching to the external camera.

  • Workaround: Make sure to click on the actual EFB screen (not the popped out window) before switching to external camera.

Printing METAR Reports May Cause a CTD

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Intermittent / Single time event only
  • Under investigation

Freelook with Mouse

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Using freelook may cause controls to freeze.

  • Workaround: Try setting TOGGLE COCKPIT FREELOOK to your mouse Middle Button . Reference: MSFS Forum Post

Cockpit Decals Flicker

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Solution: Update to the latest Stable or Development version.

Strobe Light Function Reversed

Affected versions: Stable, Development

When strobe lights are set to OFF but the lights are on when starting on the runway. Under investigation

  • Workaround: Start cold and dark at the gate.

TCA (Thrustmaster) hardware

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Can’t start engines:

  • Open the controls menu
    • REMOVE the below:
      • “Toggle Engine 2 Fuel Valve” — Set to Joystick Button 4
      • “Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve” — Set to Joystick Button 3
    • KEEP the below:
      • “Set Engine 2 Fuel Valve” — Set to Joystick Button 4
      • “Set Engine 1 Fuel Valve” — Set to Joystick Button 3

Altitude Issues

Affected versions: Stable, Development

The effects of non-standard day pressure and temperature on altitude in MSFS were inaccurate during Sim Update 5 affecting the following:

  • In game ATC may still see you at a different altitude than what you see in the flight deck.
    • Workaround: Climb or descend a couple hundred feet at a time until the in game ATC stops requesting you to climb or descend.

This is reported to be fixed by Asobo in current patch — World Update 6.


  • VATSIM controllers may also see you at a different altitude when you are below the transition altitude. We recommend including a note on your flight plan that you are using MSFS.

VATSIM software is being modified to remedy this.

Cockpit Interaction System

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Legacy Cockpit Interaction System

If you want to use the old method of interacting with the cockpit before Sim Update 5:

  • Go to Menu
  • General Options
  • Accessibility
  • Find the Cockpit Interaction System setting
  • Change to legacy

Using New Cockpit Interaction System

  • Highlight a control (like a knob).
  • Hold Left Click to lock to that control. Now your mouse will not affect any other controls or other mouse bindings.
  • Move the mouse left to turn the knob left, move it right to turn the knob right (with the Left Click held down)
  • You can also use the scroll wheel while holding Left Click down to turn the knob left or right.
  • To push a control / knob in, lock to the control using Left Click and then Right Click .
  • To pull a control / knob out, hold Left Click and then click your scroll wheel Middle Mouse .
    • Note: If you already use the Middle Mouse button to activate freelook this may not work. Check your keybinds so this feature does not conflict.

This list is based on our testing and feedback. For more information see the MSFS Release Notes — Cockpit Interactions.

Direct your support questions and feedback of this feature to Asobo.

Package Separation Issues

Affected versions: All versions

Liveries incompatible due to package separation

Affects all versions of the A32NX (Stable, Development)

Liveries made for the default A320neo will no longer function in the new FlyByWire package. Liveries will need to be converted by their respective authors.

While this might represent an inconvenience for a short amount of time, we are sure that 3rd party content authors will be quick to provide you with updated liveries and programs.

Convert Your Liveries:

  • See our guide to liveries
  • Visit Flightsim.to with updated liveries here

Package separation or «fork» issues:

Default aircraft showing

  • Solution: Select the in the aircraft selector instead of the Asobo one.

Invisible plane / Sounds not working / Installation issues

  • Workaround: Reinstall A32NX, delete any old version from your Community Folder. Ensure you are on Installer v2.0.0 or above.

Common Issues

NOT IN DATABASE when Loading Flight Plan

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Upgrade to the latest A32NX package (stable or development).
  • Install/uninstall Navigraph data with the Navigraph Navdata Center application.
  • Do not delete navigraph-navdata from the community packages directory, as this will leave default navdata disabled.

AP not Following the Flight Plan

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Caused by leaking input from controller, but doesn’t disconnect the AP
  • Workaround: Set dead-zones for your input device higher
    • Go to your settings
    • Controls and select your yoke/joystick/controller.
    • After that click the sensitivity button on the top left which should take you to the menu where you can adjust your deadzones. Start with 20% deadzone, if the problem persists keep increasing it. If it’s fine with 20% you can then slowly decrease it too.

Autopilot goes Direct to RWY on APP (same with the Default A320)

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • This is a bug in the default Asobo flight plan manager — the FlyByWire team is working on a customFPM which fixes all these bugs and adds much better navigation
  • For now the workaround is to use DIRECT to the next waypoint again or selected heading.
  • If you can, always enter your expected approach in the MCDU before departing. If this doesn’t need to be changed, this will skip the turnaround bug on approach. This issue and others like it will be resolved in cFPM.

CTD when pressing FLY on world menu

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Check your content manager for missing packages

Plane is Invisible

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Check your content manager for missing packages
  • Livery/Mod Conflict

Rudder Keybindings not Working

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • You have to set your keybinding to rudder axis right and left

Black Screens / Unable to Start

Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • Conflict with another mod/livery or incorrect installation of the A32NX add-on
  • Use our installer


Affected versions: Stable, Development

  • ASOBO Aviator/Beta Club A320 liveries are incompatible with the A32NX add-on
  • Wipers don’t function correctly with converted FSX Liveries

MSFS Live Weather

Affected versions: Stable, Development

If the live weather feature is experiencing issues you may experience the following:

  • Degraded aircraft performance.
  • Airspeed and climb rate issues.

You will typically see higher or excessive fuel flow alongside exceedingly high SAT, which leads to high TAT and ISA deviation.

ISA deviation is the difference between SAT and the ISA temperature for that altitude and is indicated by the value next to ISA in the ECAM.

Workaround: Use a static weather preset for your flight.

CTD Resolution

Affected versions: Stable, Development

Crash to desktop (CTD) can either be a sim issue or a conflict with the A32NX. There also is currently no known guaranteed solution, however users have found success with by trying the following:

  1. Perform a clean install
  2. Try without anything else installed in community.
  3. Try without FSUIPC OR update FSUIPC.
  4. Try downloading the bat file that is pinned in the #support channel on our Discord. Run it to clean up any FBW background files.
  5. Run without live weather and/or live traffic.
  6. Delete your rolling cache in the sim and create a new one.
  7. Delete any manual cache in the sim and create new ones.
  8. Run the game as Administrator.
  9. Visit and read the MSFS Known Issues Page OR MSFS Troubleshooting & Support

This is an important snippet from MSFS known issues.

If you are getting CTDs, it could be one of your peripherals disconnecting sometime during the flight, which then causes the sim to CTD.

It could be anything from a usb drive to a controller. Please try to minimise how many peripherals you have connected.

Fixed Issues

Unless stated otherwise, all fixed issues are first released on our development version.

Wing Dips on Landing

Upper ECAM Displays Wrong THR Levers Position / N1 Rating

Installer v1.2.0 issues resolved in v2.0.0.

Selected Heading may not work after using DIR feature or inputting a STAR. Fixed PR #5593

ND Terrain does not appear. Fixed #5470

Turning off right PFD also disables left one. Fixed

Vertical speed indicator not working. Fixed PR #5398

In development/experimental versions, the engine startup sound is bugged due to a fuel flow issue. This will be fixed when engine startup procedures will be implemented. (fixed)

Due to changes in the way flap lift is modelled, the plane may bounce when transitioning between certain flaps settings (flaps 1 to flaps 2 and flaps 3 to flaps FULL). (fixed)

  • The stable version is less affected than the development version.

Installer v1.1.1 potential issues: (fixed)

  • Getting default version or black screens after using installer on v1.1.0
    • Workaround: Delete the flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo folder , then install it again.
  • Installer not showing your existing installation:
    • This is due to the new modular system which requires a new full installation.
    • Workaround: Install the add-on again via the installer.

VOR/ADF indicators not showing on the ND (fixed)

Unable to climb / flaps 1 issue (fixed)

EFB not clickable (fixed in development version)

V/S mode stuck at 1500 fpm or inoperable (fixed)

ILS not showing on approach / does not auto populate in RADNAV (fixed)

  • Workarounds (may apply to 3rd party sceneries):
    • Manually input your ILS frequency into RADNAV. Type in the frequency found on your chart and press the key next to LS/Freq. Sample: 111.30

Left PFD lagging / freezing (fixed)

  • The team is aware of the issue and is working hard to resolve it, potential fixes are being tested

PFD artificial horizon freezes (fixed)

  • Workaround:
    • Turn off PFD, wait >10 seconds and turn PFD back on.

If you are here from our social media please visit our discord for support.


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