Chan sankakucomplex не работает

Chan sankakucomplex не работает

We also recommend using the web app — it has all the features of the native apps, can be used from any browser on mobile or desktop, and be installed to your home screen

The Android app comes in three versions — the app store version («White»), which can be installed from a mainstream app store and will show only safe content, Sankaku Black, which will show all content available, and the Idol Complex App, which can browse Idol Complex and all its photographic and video content (a separate account is required).

Sankaku Black and Idol Complex will only be distributed directly from our own site or stores with compatible content policies.

If unsure, check back here — only properly signed versions and authorised stores will be linked from here.

All editions can be installed simultaneously and otherwise share the same functionality and accounts.

The Sankaku App for Apple iPhones and iPads can be freely installed from the App Store.

Due to Apple’s policies, by default the Apple App Store edition of the app can only display filtered (non-adult) content — however, this can be disabled by logging in to the site or web app on a browser and turning off the «filter content» option (legacy site).

A version of the web app which has the same optional content filtering as the iOS app is also available, as is one which is completely work-safe at all times.


chan.sankakucomplex.com | 게시물 | Sankaku Channel — 아니메, 망가, 게임 관련 이미지와 동영상

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Самые частые причины того, что не открывается сайт chan.sankakucomplex.com могут заключатся в следующем:

  • Сайт заблокирован Вашим провайдером. Для того чтобы открыть сайт воспользуйтесь VPN сервисами.
  • Вирусы переписали файл hosts. Откройте файл C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) или /ets/hosts (Unix) и сотрите в нем строчки связанные с сайтом chan.sankakucomplex.com.
  • Ваш антивирус или фаервол блокирует доступ к данному сайту. Попробуйте отключаить их.
  • Расширение AdBlock (или другое аналогичное) блокирует содержимое сайта. Отключите плагин для данного сайта.
  • Иногда проблема с недоступностью сайта заключается в ошибке браузера. Попробуйте открыть сайт chan.sankakucomplex.com в другом браузере, например: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari.
  • Проблемы с DNS у Вашего провайдера.
  • Проблемы на стороне провайдера.
  • Выполните команды ping chan.sankakucomplex.com или tracert chan.sankakucomplex.com . Если выполнение указанных команд завершается ошибкой, то проблема, скорей всего, на сетевом уровне.

Почему сайт chan.sankakucomplex.com не работает сегодня?

Причины по которым возникают проблемы с доступом на сайт chan.sankakucomplex.com могут быть как на стороне сервера, на котором располагается сайт, так и на стороне клиента, т.е. Вас. Так же сайт может не открываться из за проблем на стороне Вашего Интернет провайдера. Однако хотим отметить, что чаще всего невозможность открыть сайт chan.sankakucomplex.com связана либо с попаданием сайта в черный список РКН (РосКомНадзор), либо с ошибками на стороне сайта.

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Последнее время причиной невозможности открыть сайт так же становятся различные блокировщики рекламы, установленные на Вашем ПК, а так же антивирусное программное обеспечение.


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Не открывается, не грузится, не доступен, лежит или глючит?

Что не работает?

Самые частые проблемы Chan.sankakucomplex.com

Что делать, если сайт CHAN.SANKAKUCOMPLEX.COM недоступен?

Если CHAN.SANKAKUCOMPLEX.COM работает, однако вы не можете получить доступ к сайту или отдельной его странице, попробуйте одно из возможных решений:

Кэш браузера.
Чтобы удалить кэш и получить актуальную версию страницы, обновите в браузере страницу с помощью комбинации клавиш Ctrl + F5.

Блокировка доступа к сайту.
Очистите файлы cookie браузера и смените IP-адрес компьютера.

Антивирус и файрвол. Проверьте, чтобы антивирусные программы (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus или аналог) или файрвол, установленные на ваш компьютер — не блокировали доступ к CHAN.SANKAKUCOMPLEX.COM.

VPN и альтернативные службы DNS.
VPN: например, мы рекомендуем NordVPN.
Альтернативные DNS: OpenDNS или Google Public DNS.

Плагины браузера.
Например, расширение AdBlock вместе с рекламой может блокировать содержимое сайта. Найдите и отключите похожие плагины для исследуемого вами сайта.

Сбой драйвера микрофона
Быстро проверить микрофон: Тест Микрофона.


Sankaku Black Connection Trouble? Read This!

Some users of the official Sankaku Black Android app have been reporting connection problems with the app – these were found to relate to obsolete Android versions which do not support modern encryption very well, but there are a few solutions which may help users of affected devices.

The issue, which results in “Cannot connect to the server” or white screen errors, relates to outdated SSL support in older/ancient Android versions (Android 2.3.6 [from 2011] and up should work) rather than the app itself – the recommended solutions are as follows:

1. Update the device’s OS to the most recent version

2. Use a newer device

At this point, it is not sensible to make further changes to the Sankaku Complex certificates, so this status quo will likely remain for the foreseeable future. If a simple app-only solution becomes possible, it will of course be provided in a future update.

Some further explanation of the problem may be of interest to the curious or technically inclined – but everyone else is suggested to skip right to the end for the inevitable Sankaku Plus plug.

The Sankaku Complex apps rely on private and secure connections to the Sankaku Complex API server, which are made via HTTPS. Modern HTTPS, rather than allow users to individually trust servers, generally instead forces all connections to gain “trust” from a commercial third party – known as a Certificate Authority – who in practice simply perform the most cursory of checks to see if the certificate requester actually controls the domain the certificates pertains to, a privilege for which they traditionally required a not insignificant fee for.

In this case, “COMODO”, the Certificate Authority, now known by the only slightly less suspect sounding name “SECTIGO”, continued issuing a root certificate for signing server certificates which had a fixed expiry on May 30th, 2020, for the last 20 years, finally expiring recently.

Incredibly, this band of incompetent techno-rentiers continued using this 20-year-old certificate until a few weeks before it actually expired.

This all went unnoticed by a large number of their certification customers until widespread user connection problems began occurring, at which point the certificate would need to be regenerated with a fresh replacement.

The matter might have ended here with the regeneration of affected certificates, but unfortunately it transpires that whilst recently updated browsers can certainly recognise and “trust” their new certificates, connections outside of the browser – for example, those an app might make to a server – generally have no way of trusting the new certificates without an OS update.

This situation was known and documented by the Certificate Authority, but whilst browsers and Apple’s iOS devices can readily be kept up-to-date, in most cases Android devices are left without further OS updates a year or two after release. Consequently, these devices will no longer be able to connect to affected services.

These devices also lack any way of supporting more recent and secure HTTPS encryption protocols (some earlier protocols have been cracked and now no longer offer any real security), which was the cause of a further break in Android compatibility on Sankaku Complex apps some time ago.

With Sankaku Complex’s users of otherwise perfectly serviceable older devices so severely inconvenienced, naturally a solution was sought. The best solution was deemed to be switching to a more competent and better supported Certificate Authority, in this case the non-profit “Let’s Encrypt” project, who have supported widespread adoption of encrypted web traffic in the wake of certain revelations about the extent of the US surveillance state with their free certificates.

This also addressed a further new requirement – big browser makers have forced ever shorter certificate lifetimes on website operators in the name of the supposed security this offers, culminating recently in Apple dictating that their Safari browser would no longer accept certificate lifetimes longer than a year. Where once certificates could be used for many years, now they must be renewed annually if Apple users are to be able to use the service without obtrusive security warnings.

Since the process of renewing certificates is technically fraught (see this very debacle for an example of how so), this represents a very significant burden on smaller or less technical operators, no doubt much to the delight of US technopolies seeking to further trap users inside their walled gardens of AI filtered propaganda.

Let’s Encrypt’s certificates are an even shorter 90 days – forcing them to be subject to an automated renewal process, which was recently implemented on all Sankaku servers. This should ensure all Sankaku services have the most stable and up-to-date encryption practices from here on, affording users the maximum in technological protection for their privacy and security.

The final wrinkle in all this is that whilst Let’s Encrypt certificate use fixed the HTTPS connection problems for many Android app users, some devices may not properly support Let’s Encrypt certificates even if they do support SECTIGO certificates, so compatibility for a small number of users may unfortunately have been sacrificed to restore service for a larger number of users. Further details are available from Let’s Encrypt.

As mentioned above, solutions proposed are essentially updating the OS (not always available), changing the device, adding certificate support to the device (not recommended, and difficult for non-technical users), and using the web app.

Additionally, at the time of writing Sankaku Complex’s host has just suffered a moderate network outage which affected access to the site and apps – this has now been resolved. This was unrelated to anything happening with the certificates or Sankaku servers, although it took a while to establish this was definitely the case. Once a full explanation of the issue has been received from the host, appropriate action will of course be taken to reduce the chances of such an event occurring again.

As always, the privacy and security of Sankaku Complex users are paramount – those generous souls interested in supporting further efforts in this direction are humbly offered the suggestion to get Sankaku Plus as the best way to ensure the security, stability and independence of the service!


Chan sankakucomplex не работает

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